Tuesday, January 31, 2006

OMG!!! LOL!!!
This is a post for all my friends out there that love a man in uniform... LOL!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Please go a couple of posts down to the "Deja Vu" blog, read it and tell me what you think, PLEASE?!?!!! Thanks... After almost a week, it's STILL bothering me!
Well, my little bundle of joy is at it again, has detention again tomorrow (wonder if she is going to be there this time). He was supposed to be doing some work while a substitute teacher was subbing for his not so favorite English teacher. Instead he proceeded to write,"I hate Ms. K. she is stupid. This school sucks and so does she. She is so stupid and my mom thinks so too." The note gets intercepted and my own flesh and blood throws me under the bus!!!!! Can you believe that?!?! Oh and on top of that he asks his father for $10.00. He asked my son what for and (you are SO not gonna believe this) he got a (stupid) girl to write his "50 times each" and offered to pay her $10.00 to do it!!! We advised him that if he is going to do that, have the money first because we are not paying someone else to do his work!!! Oh what on earth are we going to do with him??? I think there is a boarding school about 4 hours away.....

Saturday, January 28, 2006


You Should Be A Libra

What's good about you: A total charmer, you easily find friends and allies

What's bad about you: You have a secret side that's easily confused and depressed

In love: you enjoy flirting, dating, and the whole process of falling for someone

In friendship, you're: very social ... you rather be with your friends than be alone

Your ideal job: fashion designer, makeup artist, or song writer

Your sense of fashion: very feminine / masculine (depending on your gender)

You like to pig out on: sweet stuff like ice cream and french toast

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Big Mama!

  1. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at Big Mama!
  2. Big Mama can jump up to sixteen times her own height.
  3. Ninety-six percent of all candles sold are purchased by Big Mama.
  4. Only one person in two billion will live to be Big Mama.
  5. Big Mama is 1500 years older than the pyramids.
  6. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes Big Mama.
  7. Two grams of Big Mama provide enough energy to power a television for over twenty-three hours!
  8. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find Big Mama.
  9. Pacman was originally called Big Mamaman.
  10. California is the biggest exporter of Big Mama in the world.
I am interested in - do tell me about

LOL! I stole this from Shannon, who unceremoniously stole it from someone else, LOL!!!

Now I think we have all established that I am nice to a fault. OK with this in mind I might just as well call myself a doormat!!! My friend who stayed with a few people in tow was scheduled to leave town yesterday while I was at work. Well I was all set to have a nice extra quiet evening, do some laundry (because one of the 14 year olds WET THE BED!!!), eat early, cut my son's hair and hit the sheets. Well, I get a phone call from said guest saying that since it was getting too late for their 4 hour trip, would I mind if they crashed again. HELL YEAH, I TOTALLY MIND!!! So of course I told her we didn't mind. I also told her to eat before she got there because we were just having a little leftovers. So she said after they eat she was going to head back to the house. I scrubbed my (peed on) mattress, covered it in plastic and remade all the beds I had just stripped shortly before they called. I was curled up reading a book when they got there. AT 9:30!!! OMG! I was feeling like I was being totally taken advantage of. As much as I love this girl and her husband. I don't think I will be opening myself up to this again!!!
You know, when I stay at other people's houses I go to almost extreme measures to not put people out. I make sure I clean everything that I use including sheets. I make sure (if my kids are with me) the kids are extra good and quiet. They usually are (good and quiet), but I threaten their little lives if they even think of messing up. Not to mention I offer to buy food and cook. And ya know what?!?! I always get offers to come back and spend more time. Amazing how that stuff works. I only do what I want people to do for me.
Oh and P.S. Mel when you decide to c'mon, I'll make spaghetti and all the fixins for ya!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yep, I got a call about 9:00 Monday night from a dear friend's daughter. (Whom I am also friends with.) She was coming in from Louisiana and asked if she and her hubby and 2 kids could crash at my place. That's cool. I haven't seen her in about 3 years. Well, the house was clean and ready. Spaghetti, garlic bread and all the fixins were ready and waiting. Mind you my house is 1250 square feet. (that's why I am going to buy a new one...) They showed up last night with her 2 fourteen year old sisters in tow... Umm... I wasn't expecting that, where the F$*# are they going to sleep. We rigged them up and all went well (I hope).
Her son has got to be the MOST ANNOYING child I have ever met in my whole life. And I used to work in the 2 year old room at a daycare!!!!! OMG!!! The baby girl is 8 months old and one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. It was so great to see them, I love them so much. They are leaving today, which is fine. I am SO tired today, they kept me up until 1:00am and I usually am in bed and asleep by 10:00pm. Oh well, it was good to see them after all this time. Wish me luck that I don't fall asleep on my desk.....

Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh where do I begin??? Lets just say my son started Saturday school the other day (way to go!) I am so proud, NOT!!! He is failing 3 subjects. How can that be you ask, well, we had a conference with his entire group of teachers in mid December. They said all was well and he was getting 80-90's on his tests. Um, ok with that kind of encouragement we thought he was doing well. He was off for 2 weeks (Christmas break) and I got a letter dated January 6th that he is failing 3 subjects.... Um... That was quick. So needless to say Big Mama is not a Happy Mama right now.
Ok now, lets start with (???) I can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday last week, my son became a conscientious objector and got detention. The detention was scheduled for Sunday the 22nd (???) which of course was misdated so today from 2:30-3:00. I get a call at 2:47 (my son) saying that the teacher couldn't do the scheduled detention so I had to pick him up. I was already on my way. The teacher is a fat stupid loser cow that my son has the pleasure of seeing every day. I left work an hour and a half early to drive for 45 minutes to my son's school to pick him up. Ok, I was cool with that. But that stupid dumbass bitch didn't take 2 minutes out of her day to tell my son to ride the bus. OH NO she just let him miss the bus and told him after there was no chance that he could go to the YMCA or take the bus home. She is so lucky I didn't see her fat ass this afternoon... I would have probably been arrested and my son would have been suspended. I really hate stupid ignorant awful people. I have NO USE for them whatsoever!!!!
Ahhhh that's better....

Friday, January 20, 2006

I posted this the other day, I want your comments (good or bad)...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I got a package today!!! I opened my mailbox and what is in there???
I just knew it was candy (it said so on the outside)...
It's party time in the Big Mama household!
Cher came through with my Big Fat Pig!!!
She also came through with the Canadian Smarties (which are a LOT like M&M's)
Oh and she threw in a rocket for good measure!
The Rockets up there are just like our Smarties and I can prove it....
I am so happy! I am putting her surprise box in the mail Saturday morning...Shhh... don't tell her! LOL!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I made these for a friend of mine that is having a baby boy. She was my children's Pre-K teacher and we became very close friends. She is the only person I know and hang out with that goes to church (alot) and prays before every meal. That's cool, it's her gig. Anyway, she and her hubby are expecting their first child in March and are having a baby shower this weekend. I made some baby t-shirts for the baby. I went shopping at Carters:

I bought iron on transfer stuff and went to town... I made this:

...but as you can see this was my first one and I ironed it too long and turned yellow. (I had to make something train related because her hubby is a train fanatic.)
Then I made this one (my personal favorite):

Then I made these two:


So there you have it folks, I can craft (just don't tell anyone). Plus I am broke and could only afford to buy her a few books and some inexpensive things. But as you can see, these were made with a lot of love. I can't wait to meet this little guy!!!

P.S. as you can see the photography sucks and I know it, but you get the idea...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Everyone, go look at the post on my other blog... LOL!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yep I have been sitting here 1/2 the night trying to see what I am doing wrong with my HTML, but to no avail. I am a total moron. I'm coming to terms with it.
I just want to say how I spend way too much time on this damn computer looking at people's blogs and commenting when I see fit. (Yeah like my opinion matters so much that it keeps people hanging on my every word, NOT) I check my comments regularly even at work. I see what is going on at my favorite blogs right after I check my own. I have no idea what started me doing this. Maybe it is a way to vent and feel like I have something that is all MINE. No one else knows (except my blogger-friends) that I even have a blog, let alone two of them. I try to limit my time on here because my family needs me to spend time with them.
At least I like to think they do.
I took the kids to see Hoodwinked last night. It was quite the refreshing spin on the old Little Red Riding Hood. I really enjoyed it.
When the movie was over we went to the Waffle House.
That is always an adventure in "white trash drama". The manager was in a VERY talkative mood and would NOT SHUT UP AND LEAVE US ALONE!!! He was a "big fat headed, pasty faced, non-educated, over-talkative, loser, moron" and made me realize that sometimes I am just NOT a people person. In fact I really don't like people all that much. I mean I like MY people, that is why I surround myself with MY people. MY people have brains, they are charming (sometimes in their own unique way) they add a spirit to my life. The normal average moron and/or idiot need not apply. I always have room for more of MY people. I give everyone a chance, no reason not too. But really it doesn't take too much time to realize who is who out there. I mean you don't have to be extremely educated and have money. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who love themselves enough to take care of themselves and those they love. I hate people who have kids and don't take the time to raise them right and teach them and spend time with them. I had kids cause I wanted to spend time with them and to raise them. I see a lot of people who are always telling their kids to either "shut up and go away" or "not now, I'm busy". I am never ever too busy for my kids.
Look at me ranting and raving over here. I must be really tired or just overly emotional. Either way, everyone knows exactly how I feel!
I don't understand it, I have been trying to get my sidebar on my blog all pretty and try to do a few things to it..... BUT NOOOOO!!!!! Try as I might, everything I do isn't working. My HTML brain has had it! I tried to alphabetize the link list but when I previewed it, the WHOLE FRIGGIN list was all the way (like WAY) down at the bottom of my blog. Um, nope don't save the changes.... I tried adding a few new blog links to the list, nope! Same thing. I really don't understand. It surely can't be an operator error. This is BIG MAMA we are talking about here. I spent about an hour and a half on my other blog changing things up and getting the sidebar the way I wanted it. It worked exactly like I wanted it to. I give up! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. If any of you have suggestions, bring it on!
Or maybe I should just leave well enough alone.....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Click here and here and you will see what I mean, LOL!!!
The first one means you can flip people off with words instead of the finger (of course they would shoot you here if you used it). The second one means you can turn off all the tv's in the electronic store and make them all think it is a major issue. That is too funny, I want that! It also means my evil self has surfaced, LOL!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No, I said SIT, not SH**....oh nevermind. I took the day off today for absolutely no earthly reason. I am totally unmotivated. I MEAN REALLY unmotivated. I cleaned the kids bathroom, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishes through the machine. I don't want to do anything else at all!!! I really need to start packing. I only have 3 boxes packed. There really is no hurry, but I know I should really get a headstart. Yes world I am a lazy bum today, so SUE ME!!!!
My son is due home soon, then at least I'll have someone to talk to. He is SO sweet. He drives me crazy but he also has my heartstrings wrapped tightly around his little finger. I need to find some pics of him from when he was little, talk about a cutie patootie.
I think Crofton and his "soon to be" brother are pretty adorable too. I know Crofton already has mommy hooked!
I think I am so close to him because he was my "tester kid" yeah, I said it "tester kid". All this parenting is not easy and yes we DO make mistakes from time to time. If you are a strong loving family unit, you will come through it easily. Well, that's what I hear anyway. He has put me through my paces but I have put him through his too. I guess we are even. The stuff I tried with him and it worked, I did the same for his sister. If the stuff didn't work, I changed strategies until it did work THEN I used it on his sister, LOL!!!! Poor kid. He is going to be seeking a LOT of years of therapy thanks to me, LOL!!! I think all things considered, he is doing ok. Well, I had better go fix him a snack, one of the joys I wish I could share with him every day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

*heehee* I'm at work right now... and I don't want to work so I'm blurking. Talked to our loan officer last night and we are trying to get it together so I can get my (hopefully) new house. I have found a couple of them but I still need to stage my house, put it up on the market and sell it before I can get my new one. It's ok because I want my kids to stay in their schools until the end of the year, so..... I have to be patient. I am SO not patient. Well it looks like I will finally get to have all the little things in my house that bother me, taken care of... Goodwill and the dump are gonna love us!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic

You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic!

You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale.

You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack

It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are!

First I have to say that we are currently looking for a new house. 1250 square feet is no longer big enough for us. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a bonus room. But our neighborhood is just the pits!!! So I have been searching for a house in the next county over. I am looking for at least 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, oh and well over 2000 square feet. Well, I found one and it is old, 2760 square feet, a definite fixer upper. The hubby HATES it! It is on a dead end street too! Oh well, I'll keep looking, wish me luck.
(that was the first part, now on to the second part)
In our town the schools really BLOW! so they have Magnet schools to attract kids and get them bussed all over the place... Both of my kids went (or go to) Magnet schools. My son went to a science/technology Magnet and my daughter goes to a fine/performing arts Magnet. Well, she is in music ensemble. So yesterday we had to go to the Magnet Expo at the local mall. We were almost VERY late. Got there just before they were due on stage. My daughter's stand-in was already in place.... They moved her aside and whew! On they went!
My daughter needs work on her stage presence (she is the one folding her arms...) but she is a good singer. She plays some extra large xylophone thingy (but as my daughter informs me it is NOT called a xylophone). She also plays the piano. She starts flute lessons in the spring. She is gonna be somebody some day.
Well, that's what she keeps telling me anyway...

Thursday, January 05, 2006


After a day like today, it feels good to curl up next to my Baby Girl and have our kitty curled up on our laps and cover up in a toasty warm kitty blanket. (BTW the tiny little toes are BG's and the yellow fuzzy slipper is mine, LOL)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I work for a real estate attorney. The end of the month for us is really hectic but the end of the year TOTALLY BLOWS!!! It is twice the work for me. I have worked there for approx. 3 1/2 years. My boss although he is an old curmudgeon, I really care for him a lot and try really hard to do things right for him. He is 62 and has 2 kids my age, 2 in their early 20s and two MY kids ages. Yes 5 girls and 1 boy. The boy is my age and no he is NOT a looker. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah.... I work in post closing which of course in after the real estate closing (hence the word "post" closing). We have 2 girls gather all the information needed for the closing, who, what bank (if any), the insurance, the pest inspection report, commissions, etc... We have 2 girls that search the titles at the courthouse to make sure we don't miss anything as far as the property goes. My attorney goes over every little detail of every single closing. He roughs out a settlement statement and another girl takes it, makes all the parties happy especially the bank, makes all the monies balance and gets it ready for my attorney to take it in to the closing. When that is all over, he hands it to me to make sure payoffs are made, closing packages get to the banks and everyone gets their money. So before a file can go live (hopefully) in the file cabinet, I have to go over it with my fine tooth comb, fix any typos, make sure it is recorded properly in the proper orders, etc. This gets SO tedious and BORING I can't even tell you. Just imagine! The only problem is, I am good at it. I mean a little too good at it. Now litigation wants me to proof read. Um no, I totally refuse. "Not my job man!" I don't even like the other part of our office let alone do work for them?!?! I know who signs MY paycheck. It will continue to get signed regardless if I do work for them.
Wow! This is an exciting post, NOT!!!! LOL!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well, I have been blurking yet again... I know, I know shame on me. I just can't help myself, LOL!!! It seems like there were a lot of us that took a much needed and well deserved break from blogging. That's great! That means that we should come back all rested and relaxed, right? Well no, not really. It seems that a lot of us (myself included) still seem to be blogged out. I still love to put my thoughts in print, sure does help to see it all written down. Especially when I am venting about something. I digress, many people out there have similar feelings. I thought I was the only one that seems to be a little burned out. I just adore my blog-friends and I am going to continue to post. The only thing that may change (and I stress MAY) is the frequency at which I blog. My life is a huge pile of boring so I understand why I don't get a lot of traffic (which is fine).....and to think I was going to be a great novel writer when I grew up. Yeah, that went by the wayside along with becoming a stand up comedian. I wanted to join the Peace Corp but my dear old mother talked me out of it which I still to this day regret. I was going to be an architect but my parents refused to pay for college. So here I sit in a life that I really believe sometimes belongs to someone else and no formal education. Sure I graduated from high school, big deal. I went and graduated from hair dressing school too (now there is something to be proud of). So it seems sometimes this is the only place where I can totally be my true self. Bad spelling, unusual concepts, venting about friends and family just makes me feel like I am not the only one feeling like this out there.
So when people say they are blogged out, I get it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ok, I am totally NOT a drinker. I learned this yet again last night. I always seem to forget the "I'm never going to drink again" while potty-hugging. Last night my son came in with his best friend and asked if he could go to the movies. Then the friend's mom came in and asked if my daughter wanted to go. With that my hubby piped up with,"I was going to take them." So I suggested that they all go together. They asked if I wanted to come...ummmm, NO! I am not a huge movie person. I like them but I can't sit that long all at one time. (Gee you wonder where my son's ADD comes from?) Anyway they all left about 7:00. About 8:30 the doorbell rang and it was my best GF with 2 bottles of champagne. I welcomed her in made her a sandwich and we proceeded to drink and watch tv. About 11:00 after the kids and hubby get home, she left. Yeah, I know right before midnight??? Oh well, I played with the kids for a minute and tucked them in (bad mama in my inhebriated state). Proceeded to the bed just to lie down for a minute.
So I proceeded to potty-hugging. OMG!!! THAT was awful! I got up this morning, grabbed a bottle of water, 2 Tylenol, 1 Dramamine and an Aquaban. Needless to say I am much better now and I didn't even get to ring in the new year the way I wanted to.
Alone with my hubby and very naked.
Insead I got...