Monday, March 31, 2008

How cute is this?

I stole it from BPD in OKC I stumbled over her site after seeing her comment on a friend's site (who happens to be going through some stuff and needs support right now...*hint hint*).

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at

Now you all go take it and let me know what y'all are...


Today is no exception. We tried to get funding for the pool again and got turned down again.
Not because we have bad credit, it's worse than that...
We are debt free, therefor we have NO credit! Can you believe that??!!! WTF!
We have to go in to debt to get debt! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!
O.K. the hubby and I do O.K. financially, that's why we are able to have all our stuff free and clear. We worked hard for it, it's ours, all the cars, the furniture and everything in our house, yep, it's all ours. We owe no one.
So now we want to put in a really nice pool and lounge area with a deck. I've done the math and we can MORE than afford it. The bank says we have to PROVE it. Ugh! That's stupid and I am without a pool....
maybe we'll get some debt so they can loan us the money.
Let me ask you all, is that the dumbest thing you have ever heard???!!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our funding fell through for the pool...
We are going to try again, wish us luck.

Yesterday afternoon I took my son to a local park just to hang and chill. He brought his Ripstik and I brought my camera.

I needed time to enjoy him without the thoughts of school or being grounded or anything else that comes with the daily grind.

He is such a great kid and I know that. I really do appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to be his mom. (No, that is his ring finger...)

I think about how my nephew is gone and I didn't have more of a chance to savor our friendship. I was very close to my nephew, he loved the fact that I listened to him and never judged him. He could tell me anything and he did. Some things I didn't want to hear, but I appreciated the fact that he felt secure enough in me to confide in me. I only wish I had more time with him.Other than that, I have no regrets.
I want the same with my own son (children). I don't want to have any regrets (so far so good). I don't want his childhood to slip away with us saying I wish I had, I should have or I could have. Childhood is so fleeting and adulthood is forever, no need to push it.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I didn't sleep at all last night and I am so tired. My husband and I talked about my nephew and his life and death just before bed last night. I was awake thinking about him and how much I miss him. I know that he is in a good place and that he is his son's personal angel. But that does not erase the fact that I miss him terribly. Not a day goes by that I don't check and see if his killer has been caught. Not a day goes by that I don't say a prayer for his wife, mother and son. It's going to be O.K. I know it is. It is just not the natural order of things. He was supposed to come visit me when I'm old and senile. I was banking on that.
He was like a son to me and I miss him so very much.Luis-Fer, I love you, R.I.P.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


We have been talking to our pool dealer and are trying to get this inground pool installed before summer.

I have wanted a pool since I was a little girl. But of course in Vermont pools are really not an option. We have figured out that financially this so very do-able but lets see what the bank has to say about extending credit for a pool....

So keep all your fingers crossed, keep us in your thoughts and send some really killer Karma our way.

Thanks Peeps!


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Friday, March 21, 2008


I know I'm early, but I just LOVED this pic...


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. It always has been, I have no idea why.
My folks came up to spend the weekend with us and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It is always nice seeing them. I'll post pics after I upload them to the computer... Yes I'm lazy this week, so what. The boss is on vacation and I am tying up some loose ends at work. SO when I get home, I don't want to even look at the computer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I hope this is the beginning of the most wonderful time of your life!
You are very loved, thank you so much for taking care of one of my best buds!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't care what anyone says, I *heart* Kelly Osbourne.

I thought she did a pretty good job on this song.
This song as a general rule is only played at Karaoke bars by drunk college chicks (ugh! puke!)

For heaven's sake she IS the "Princess of Darkness" and it was the best rendition I have heard thus far.
(I am a HUGE Ozzy Osbourne fan BTW.. Who would have thought that!)
I think that she is just adorable. She looks a LOT like her mother in the video.

Yeah, so what! It's by blog and MY opinion.

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You Are a Prophet Soul

You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone.

Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people.

Sometimes this faith can lead to disappointment in the long run.

No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way.

You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle.

Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings.

A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning.

You are a great thinker and communicator, but not necessarily a doer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?

I stole this from Eclectic, I'm sure she won't mind...

I went to the dentist yesterday. I can not stand going to the dentist. Talk about anxiety attack! I survived BUT I have cavities... Can you believe that? I am 40 freaking years old! I brush twice a day and I floss, what the heck!!! My kids have been to the dentist twice in their whole entire life, nothing no cavities nothing!!!
I give up...

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

MY SON.....

Is an idiot.
Yep, that's right he is an idiot.
I don't know where he gets it from, not from the hubby and certainly not from me. He just got ISS (in school suspension).
He got caught on the bus video camera shooting beebees through a pea shooter. O.K. I get the fact that he is 13. BUT this is the kid that is as lazy as can be in school. He works hard trying to get out of doing his work. He is a good kid around the house. He does as he is told, he keeps his room clean, he is a good boy with a big heart. (Yes Penni he is a big HUGE goof...) But when it comes to school he is as lazy as an old dog on a hot summer day. He is completely without any emotion when it comes to school. The hubby got a call from the assistant principal regarding our favorite little shit. *heavy sigh* Now my house is a battle ground. We have tried everything with him, he just doesn't care, not even a little bit.

Any suggestions?

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Monday, March 03, 2008


So far so good, she is getting better, that's what counts.

So, I want to let you in on a little secret. I'm a bitch. No, really I am. We have a little dimwit that works here. She is a fairly new mom, her baby is 4 months old and I understand that being a new mom is hard thing to do. I did it twice, I know from first hand experience. She is 19 and really immature. O.K. here is where I think I am a bitch.
She gets to work at 9:00 and at 9:15 she goes in to pump breast milk. She is in there for about 1/2 an hour. She takes a lunch break from 12:00-1:00 and at 1:15 she pumps for another 1/2 hour. Sometimes she does it again in the later afternoon. I understand pumping, I did it. BUT (here comes the bitch) she is getting paid to sit in there and do that! Why can't she pump before she clocks in and why can't she pump during lunch???
O.K. rant over. I don't care if she pumps, I could really care less, but if I were to take a hour out of my day and stop working, I would NOT get paid for it. Same goes for all the smokers that work here. I do not smoke and go out 4-5 times a day for 15 minute "smoke breaks". They get paid while they are puffing and she gets paid while she's pumping.
No, I have never ever said anything nor would I.
Am I totally off base to be feeling this way?