Sunday, December 31, 2006

This year I hope for everyone to have the very best year ever!
(Including me)

Of course it wouldn't be Happy New Year without the obligatory phalic symbol!!!

I hope that the men and women of our military get the strength that they need and the support crave. I wish people would put their differences aside and remember what is real and what matters most in life. My husband was a soldier in the U.S. Army before he was a citizen. He loved my country so much that he was willing to fight for (all of) our freedoms. Before he could even experience any of our freedoms. He believes in the whole concept of America. I wish more people/Americans believed in patriotism without making it a political statement. I have lived in other countries and this one (by far) is the one I choose to live in.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I hope for this Brand Spanking New Year is that common sense and compassion will prevail. Our soldiers were not drafted, they chose to serve your country and to keep you and I safe and give this country a fighting chance. No one wants them at war, everyone wants them home. I'm sure most agree with that statement.... Since when did I turn in to a political activist??? I will assure you, NEVER!

I hope that this new year brings new adventures, tons of money and lots of love to all my blog-friends out there.

Disclaimer; If you disagree with my political statements, I'm very sorry to have offended you. These are my personal observations and opinions. They are not here to offend, upset or hurt anyone in any way shape or form. I guess that's what we call freedom of speech, hmmm.... What a concept, I wonder how we achieved that???

Monday, December 25, 2006


This is my poor little girl Chomba. She is 10 years old and a little disgruntled. I don't blame her, but the kids had great fun and she did put up with it for a minute.

This is Mina the little brat of the bunch. She is 4 1/2 years old and more than a little disgruntled. The kids had to pretty much hogtie her for this pic (can you tell?).
This is our very own Rednosed Reindog. This is Allie and she is about 1 year old. She was totally in to this humiliation. The kids didn't even have to hold her down. They DID have to get them away from her before she chewed them though...
Whatever the season, whatever the holiday you celebrate, I hope this new year proves to be the best ever! Much Love to my blog-friends and to those of you I have yet to meet.
This includes but is not limited to;
...and the rest of you (you know who you are...)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm back, I am really really back! Sorry it took so DAMN long to get back here where I belong... I'm sure you understand. Our server at work crashed leaving us limping, barely working and totally offline at work! Talk about the odds against me! I just couldn't win.
Well this last weekend we went down to my parents house for the obligatory Merry Christmas with the fam. You know, if you have read my stuff in the past you would have some understanding of how freaking stressful this is for me. I love love love my family. It is just stressful. My mother butchered my hair (thanks mom). I look like a monchichi... except they looked cute with that hair. Oh well, at least hair grows.
We picked names out of a hat this year so we weren't obliged to buy for every thankless person there. (I did anyway, I just wasn't obliged to). I picked Pops, which was perfect. He is my most favorite person on the earth. I bought him 2 new sets of electric blue towels. I also got him peanut brittle, a gift card to Lowes and a little frypan that I knew he wanted. Doesn't sound like very much, but it was everything that he wanted. I was pleased and so was he. My eldest brother picked me and (for never seeing my kitchen) did a great job on some kitchen accessories. I was worried because his gift buying in past was a little umm... different. LOL!!! Please don't think I am being mean, he and I are just from different worlds. He is a very tough, Harley driving, beer drinking, pot smoking long haired tattoo sporting, throw caution to the wind kinda guy. I love him and he is sweet, we are just polar opposites. Just saying...*sheesh*
Anyway it was a 4 hour ride there and a 4 hour ride back home. We left here Saturday at 8:30am and returned home 6:00 Sunday. My hot hubby drove the whole way to and from, he RULES!!!! At one point we were (and this is no lie) traveling 1 mph. I can prove it but blogger won't let me upload the pic!?!?! There was a horrible accident on I-95 and it caused us to sit in traffic for a VERY long time. That's ok, we made it home safe and life is good. I just hope everyone was ok in that accident, but after looking at the wreck (yes, I rubbernecked but I wasn't driving so I could) I am guessing if they survived, they weren't feeling very good... I am pretty well done shopping for the fam, yay for me! I would tell you what I got, but I am afraid that my Babygirl will read this and know all my secrets. Instead I will show you pics when it's all said and done. Well, that is IF blogger would be so kind as to let me!!! I was really jonsing for all of you. I promise to kick, bite and maim the next moron who messes up my computer. I can't be away from my blog family for this long again.
I hope you all forgive me and give a chance to catch up really soon with all of you. Thanks so much for all my nice well wishes. See you all tomorrow.
C'mon, tell Big Mama what y'all want for Christmas this year...

Monday, December 11, 2006

I am experiencing technical difficulties at home. My daughter and her bratty little friend were on the computer Saturday and now for some reason I can't even turn it on. I so love sharing my computer (did you hear the sarcasm in that one???). My husband is a certified computer geek, he has the paperwork to prove it and he is too busy to look at it. I feel like my lifeline was just cut... Oh well, when I am up and running I will catch up with you all. Hope your shopping is going well. Just remember it's not what you give, it is the feelings behind it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I know you are thinking, WTF is going on over at Big Mama's??? Well, I have been terribly busy at work, I MEAN REALLY busy.
On a good day in our office we have 3-5 closings, that keeps us happy and busy. No, not crazy, just satisfied... Well, whoever said that the housing market is in a slump LIED!!! We had 6 closings and a modification on Monday, not bad (a modification is like 5 documents). Tuesday we had 7 closings. O.K. things are backing up a little... Wednesday, 9 closings, alright we can slow down any time now... Thursday we had 16 closings and 13 on Friday?!?!?! WTF! After working all day Sunday I am still working on Thursdays files. UGH!
But I refuse to concern you with all that drama. I come here to get away from all that. So who here saw the pantiless pics of Brittany Spears? Let em rephrase that, who here gives a flying turd about the skank-o-rama side show? Sure I like her music, just about as much as any mom who is forced to through their pre-teen princess...
I have been shopping like a mad-woman possessed. I got a few really good gifts (for once) . My son told me that Santa gets way better stuff for him than I do because I have no taste. Yeah, O.K. let's see what Santa gets you this year big boy! Can you all tell I am full of unchained thoughts today? Well, guess what, I knew that!
I have quite a few more like WTF is wrong with Perez Hilton, I am not talking about the no talent debu-slut, I am talking about the no talent outer of all people gay. What is his big wooohooo anyway? He acts like all the gay people in the world need to define themselves by simply being gay. Sorry but the people I know are just your average normal everyday people. They work, eat, sleep, shop and have relationships and/or date. The same as the rest of us. They are not some alien to behold or be afraid of. So they are gay, so what. Hasn't this world evolved at all??? Oh well, I guess he makes money or gets some sort of following or something to get his jollies. I guess I don't find it amusing or interesting. There are far better things out there to occupy my time. (<---needs activeX but totally worth it...just keep clicking)
Speaking of which....
I have a friend that has an autistic son and is trying VERY hard to find a certain toy for him. Mind you, he doesn't indulge his kids with everything they want, this is different. His son never asks for anything. Please read this and on the off chance you can help, I would be extremely grateful.
I haven't asked for much from my friends, fans and occassional readers except for maybe a prayer here and some good karma there. I guess this time I am asking that when you are holiday shopping just take a quick look in the little boy car section. That's all. Best of luck to you NWJR, I haven't stopped looking yet (nor will I)...
I just realized I think I came full circle on this post. I trashed my job, I gave you a bit-o-gossip, I knocked my son down a few pegs, I tried like Hell to make ignorant people tolerant, I asked for help for a friend, now I'm tired and ready for bed.
Today my little corner of the blog-sphere, tomorrow the world!!! LOL!!!
Umm..yeah, ok, I'm tired....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Making dinner....

For all of my dear friends, fans and people who don't believe I actually live and cook in my non-show house... is this the proof you need? I have a pic of myself stirring the pot (of spaghetti sauce) but since I have a GEINORMOUS ZIT (in the picture) on my beautiful face I refrained from scaring you all with it. So of course I wouldn't want you to see me like that... here I am cooking (sorta).

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