Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sorry my posting is so few and far between. Life is happening around me... We are heading down to my mom's house for TG dinner. We invited a couple to my parent's house, that's kind of strange but it is what it is. He is a friend of my husband from Panama. My oldest brother won't be there tomorrow because his stepdaughter has to work and they don't want to leave her alone. I understand, but I will still miss him. I am making corn casserole and mac & cheese. The hubby is making empanadas. Let me tell hubby CAN COOK!!! He's handsome, smart, kind and can cook, did I luck out or what!? We are packing the car tonight and rolling out bright and early.

We are having issues at work and I can honestly say that I have a job today. I can only hope it lasts. It is not because of the lame excuse,"it's the economy"... It's because of a thief. We will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get this place rocking and rolling again. I keep telling myself that and soon I will start to believe it.
Hope you all have a fantabulous wonderiffic Thanksgiving! I know I will, I am surrounded by an awesome family, good friends and a wonderful life.
Life is good.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am sorry to say that my baby is no longer a baby. Today is her 13th birthday. Can you believe that she is now a...
*heavy sigh*
That's right folks today my tiny 6 lb 6 oz Babygirl who arrived late at night on November 18, 1995 just grew up before my eyes.
Let me tell you a little something about her. When I was pregnant for her I really wanted a brother for my son. I wanted him to have someone to play with and wrestle with. About the time I was 6 months along I had a dream that the baby was a girl and that made me realize that this might just turn out to be a girl and that I should really open up my mind to the possibilities. My due date was December 13th and around the 6 1/2 month mark they noticed that my belly wasn't growing as it should have been. Every measurement came up short. I started having ultrasounds every other week to every week. She never let us see that she was a girl, but that was the least of my worries. My blood pressure was high (but they did NOTHING about that, thanks Government hospital...) and every ultrasound showed that her legs were crossed at the thigh and her arms were behind her back. Yes, that was with every ultrasound. I was beginning to worry that the baby I was carrying had something very wrong with it. On November 18th 1995 I threw a dinner party. Eight people came over. We had a blast. I was very uncomfortable and ended up standing up to eat. We ushered them all out around 8:30 because I was starting to feel not so good. I decided to take a bath to see if that would help. I was laying in the water pouring water over my stomach which helped a LOT. Then I realized that I was having contractions. Then I timed them.... I told the hubby that I thought it was time. He called the hospital and they told us to come straight in. So as planned, hubby brought my 16 month old son over to the neighbor's house. He helped me get dressed and we went to the Army hospital which was about 15 miles away. We raced over there. Just as we rounded the corner to the hospital I felt a really big pain down both of my sides. When that happened I saw what looked like a flash of light the pain was so intense. We got in to the hospital and the hubby took the wrong elevator. We raced across the hospital to the labor and delivery ward. Hubby went in to sign me in. One of the nurses asked when I was due (and after my contraction) I told her the 13th of December. She wheeled me in and said she would check me out. Cool. I stood up, my water broke and the head was crowning. Another really big nurse told me to get up on the table (um yeah that was possible!) she PICKED ME UP and put me on the table. They rushed in all sorts of carts with deliver/doctor-ly stuff and told me NOT TO PUSH. I wasn't pushing, she just wanted OUT! There were about 14 students who got to witness her making her debut. they held her up and all I could see was her tiny face with one eye open and a quick "WAAA!" There was no time for bonding because she was early and it was not a delivery room set up for this. They whisked her and the hubby off to the nursery and I was stuck there with a bunch of strangers. Oh and not to mention she came so fast I ended up with 7 stitches in my hoo-ha which they put in with no pain killers.
(I dare anyone talk to me about government health care...)
That's right, I AM tough as Hell, don't forget it.
Let me tell you that she was well worth the trauma. She turned out to be just great. We left the hospital together, her lungs were mature and she held her body temperature. I was psyched. She has always been different than most kids. She has never done what the other kids are doing, she has her own drummer with her own beat. I admire that. She is very honest, almost to a fault. She is very thoughtful and caring. Oh and not to mention one the the most fun people to have around. I just adore her.



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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Can I just vent for a minute?
Indulge me, please.

One of my coworkers who I love dearly has royally FUCKED UP! I know it has nothing to do with me, but I like her and I try to look out for her. This time there is nothing I can do to help. I feel hopeless.
What the Hell is wrong with this country? Obviously there is something really wrong with health care services. If people are driving across the country to drop their teenagers off at hospitals under the safe haven laws, something is broken! These people can not get the help and services they need and ask for. The parents make too much money or the kids haven't killed anyone yet. What kind of system is that? That's fucked up! I don't believe there should be free healthcare, but I do believe that services should be provided before someone gets hurt.
While I am ranting...
Can I please add that California, one of the most Liberal states in the world passed a H8te bill banning same sex marriage??? WTF is that? I may be conservative on most issues, I truly believe with every bone in my body that love is a great thing. Love does NOT hurt anyone, never has. Why and how can anyone deny another person of their rights? It's wrong, and it's not fair. How dare they!!! Like my father always said (and he is a very smart man),"I don't look in their bedroom and they don't look in mine..." How can you deny someone's partner who has been with them and has loved them through everything. You can't it is NOT RIGHT! California you need to step up and do what's right. They are not hurting you.
Shame on all those small minded idiots!
Please let me apologize to all those wonderful honest to goodness real retarded citizens out there (this does not involve you in the least)...

*rant over*
Thank you for letting me vent.


Monday, November 03, 2008


Do you all remember a post I made on October 17th? I wrote about how I saw the aftermath of a horrible accident. Shorty after I posted, I was contacted by the brother of the man killed in the accident. My heart goes out to his whole family. The man's name was Sean Rogero. His brother Colin sent links to a couple of memorial websites in his honor.

Website #1
Website #2

I feel obligated to post these websites. Our local paper never had any followup articles or any memorials or anything. The last page of Sean's book of life was written right in front of me. The very least I can do is honor this young man whom I never knew.
Please know that my thoughts and condolences are with you all.