Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just called to check up on my daughter and I could hear "road noise" like she was outside.

I asked,"Where are you?
To which she replied,"I'm walking the dog."
Of course I said,"No you're not. What are you doing?"
BG,"I'm walking."
Me,"With who?"
BG,"The (insert skank-ho gf that I forbade to come to my house ever again)."
Me,"You're in trouble."
BG,"I know."
Me,"You need to head back to the house, NOW! Make sure she calls her mother to come get her."
BG,"Yes ma'am."

O.K. What the F is going on with her, has her head come completely off her body? The only reason I know for a fact that she is NOT walking the dog is because the dog is getting fixed today and I have to pick him up after 3:00. She lied to my face yet again and has the only person not allowed at my house AT MY HOUSE! Um, duh!!!
Please wish me luck that I don't feel the need to kill her in her sleep...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yep, that's what you call it. I have been neglecting this place woefully. So I decided to brush out the cobwebs and spruce it up around here. You know, to make it seem a little more like home. I have been chilling over at that place known as FACEBOOK. You know that place? It's pretty cool. I unfortunately check that page over there more than I come over here. That my friends is called neglect. I have neglected that private side of myself and neglect all of you. All (what?) 5 of you maybe on a good day?
Pedro is adjusting well. He is a quirky little animal. Anything he finds on the porch is hauled out to a certain spot in the back yard. He tries to bury shoes (and socks). He does not eat if I am standing next to him. He is very affectionate. Oh and did I tell you, he's blind? He can see light and dark and movement. That's it. He doesn't know who you are until you talk. It's funny when you sneak up on him, he just about pees himself. He is so sweet, I am glad we got him. My son is mad at me because we are getting him fixed tomorrow and says I am taking away his manhood... That coming from a 14 year old boy of course. My folks are coming up this weekend to celebrate me. It is my birthday on the 1st. So I am going to have good food and lots of laughs, just the way I like it.
Happy Humpday Everyone!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hubby is out of town and my daughter decides to act up. WTF is that? I promised not to tell on her so now I have a slave for the entire summer. Oh and my son does too... She and her hoochie skank-ho "friend" acted up and if you know me.
So needless to say "friend" is not allowed at my house ever again and Babygirl has had her phone privileges revoked. Why do the teen years have to be so hard? This is the first time I have ever whipped her with a belt. But as a mom you gotta do what you gotta do. I wished I could have belted the "friend" too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It is a sad day today...

The world has lost a wonderful woman today. My husband's grandmother passed this afternoon. She has been sick and was in the hospital. It doesn't make this any easier. I vowed when I was 13 and lost my dear grandmother that I would never love an old person again. It was too hard to lose them. Well, I didn't keep that promise to myself and I found myself adoring my husband's grandmother despite myself...
"Ocha" Her name was Ambrosia and we all called her "Ocha". She was a tiny little spitfire of a woman. She loved a good joke and loved to tease people. She didn't speak a word of English nor I Spanish, but that didn't matter. We really enjoyed each others company. My mother in law or my husband would interpret for us. She really loved my children, her great-grandchildren. Since my huband's father passed away when he was still an infant, my grandmother in law lived with him helping raise him. He turned out awesome in great part because she was a driving force in the family. I am going to miss her terribly. I do know that she is now out of pain and she is with her family and friends that have all gone before her. She had lived for almost 94 years. That's a looong time. She had 4 children and several grandchildren and great grandchildren, not to mention their children... This woman started a legacy. She saw this world change in so many ways. Ways that we will never know. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not so good. I wish I could have spent more time with her. I guess we can all say that when a person we love dies.
Te Quiero Ocha. Hasta Luego.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Who doesn't like a quickie?

We picked Pedro up Saturday. He is so shy and terrified of my sweet gentle Chomba. For no reason at all. He is very skittish, doesn't come when he's called, doesn't chase tennis balls and doesn't eat very much. I gave him a treat and he walked away to eat it. He got a bath yesterday and seemed to take forever to dry out. He likes my daughter's soccer ball and tries to carry it around. He found an old pair of my husband's pants and carries those all over the place. Um..K. I gave him a stuffie this morning and we'll see if he chews it to bits or just carries it around like Moto does.

* Went to the surgeon this morning to find out the results of the biopsy on my face and *woot woot* it is just a rogue freckle. She said it is a very large fast growing rouge freckle, but nothing to worry about.

* Got the results of my sleep study and it came back as my oxygen is so depleted when I sleep that it is waking me up. So now they want to put me on suplemental oxygen when I sleep, do another sleep study and see if that helps. I'm sure it will.

* So there you have it folks, finally all Dr. appointments are done, all stitches are out, I am healthy. I am happy with my new dog and I am still missing Alli.