Friday, January 26, 2007

  1. I was born and raised in Vermont.
  2. I am 5'8" tall.
  3. My two brothers and I all have naturally blonde hair like our father.
  4. My mother is a redhead and so are her 9 brothers and sisters
  5. I am the youngest of us three, and the only girl.
  6. I was the only girl grandchild on my father's side of the family.
  7. My brother married my husband's sister.
  8. I guess #7 makes my brother my own brother-in-law....(heehee)
  9. This list is a lot harder to make than I thought....
  10. I was married in the same place that I met my husband, in my mom's living room.
  11. I never wanted children.
  12. I love being a mom.
  13. I paint (very well thank you).
  14. I love going barefoot.
  15. Peanut butter is the perfect food, I developed an allergy to peanuts and it sucks.
  16. I am a really good cook..
  17. My husband is a good cook too and we sometimes can't decide who's cooking so we eat out.
  18. I like cleaning when no one is home.
  19. I actually like doing laundry but hate ironing.
  20. I wear jeans to work almost every day and I work in an upscale law firm. I dared my boss to fire me over it.
  21. I've worked for the same place for almost 5 years.
  22. I had my license as a Cosmetologist and did that for years before I got married. Then decided it wasn't fun anymore.
  23. I never went to college.
  24. I wish I had done #23.
  25. I am friends with my high school sweetheart.
  26. I am still friends with my best friend from childhood (who happens to live here in this town).
  27. My best friend is the most self centered person I know and I understand her and love her anyway.
  28. I have lived in Canada, Montreal to be exact.
  29. I have lived in Italy,Maniago to be exact.
  30. I been to Panama more times than I can count (because the hubby is from there).
  31. I have lived in Texas, Killeen (birthplace of both my kids).
  32. I have lived in Virginia.
  33. I have lived in Georgia (still do).
  34. I have only been as far west as Las Vegas (Hey Scott). But only for less than 24 hours.
  35. I have never been to the west coast.
  36. I dated and traveled a lot before I got married.
  37. Sometimes I miss #36.
  38. I don't carry a purse but I envy women who do.
  39. I have been mistaken for a man before (twice). I had short hair and was very thin with broad shoulders, I couldn't help it.
  40. I laugh every time I think of #39. Maybe I should carry a purse...
  41. My kids think (and say) that I'm a cool mom.
  42. I think I'm a nosey mom.
  43. I enjoy playing the Sims2.
  44. I am a cat person.
  45. I do like little dogs though (sometimes).
  46. My son and I have burp contests when no one is around *I am so juvenile sometimes*
  47. I am not tolerant when it comes to closed minded ignorant people.
  48. I believe with my whole heart that hate is a wasted emotion.
  49. I have green eyes.
  50. I am always cold.
  51. I like beer, Michelob Ultra is my beer of choice.
  52. I observe way more than I let on just because I can't be bothered (especially at work).
  53. I love stoner movies.
  54. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is my all time favorite book, I hated the movie with a passion.
  55. I wish I could read books and write short stories for a living.
  56. I have always wanted to be and architect.
  57. I am really bad at math.
  58. I got my job as a paralegal and I can't type very well.
  59. My boss doesn't ever give me dictation (which is fine with me).
  60. The woman that I replace killed herself 6 months after I took her job (I still feel a little guilty about it).
  61. I don't like the Sci-Fi or horror television stations.
  62. I don't like mysteries or suspense.
  63. I love comedy and/or romance.
  64. I want to be a stand-up someday. Of course I would bomb because I am not smart enough to be a stand-up. What? I know my limitations...
  65. I really really really don't like drama, conflict or tension for any reason.
  66. Oh and as an addition to #65 ESPECIALLY if it involves me.
  67. I bruise easily.
  68. I have fallen asleep while floating on my back in the swimming pool (without floaties)...
  69. <---- is my very favorite....ummm... number.
  70. No actually 5 is my favorite number.
  71. Orange is my favorite color.
  72. I have O+ for a blood type. My hubby's blood is AB- and my first kid is A+ and My second kid is B+. I think that's kinda cool.
  73. My middle name is Elliott.
  74. I have never been arrested.
  75. I got a speeding ticket on the airbase in Italy when we were stationed there.
  76. I used to own a Datsun 280ZX. It was all black.
  77. I also used to own a 1968 Firebird. I sold it to my cousin who still has it.
  78. I love car shows.
  79. I am not religious, but I am spiritual.
  80. I love a good open ended story, I guess that explains why I love biographies of people who are still alive.....
  81. My father is 30 years older than me and his mother was 30 years older than him.
  82. #81 would mean that my grandmother would have turned 100 14 days after I turn 40.
  83. No I didn't have a child when I turned 30, that's crazy!
  84. I am really having a hard time coming up with anything interesting for this list...
  85. <----that is the year I graduated High School.
  86. Seeing #85 makes me feel really old!
  87. I am never afraid of people not liking me.
  88. I have a very dry sense of humor and it gets lost on some...
  89. I have never used EBay.
  90. One of my oldest and dearest friends has Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
  91. I would rather have salty snacks than sweets any day of the week.
  92. I must be rather boring because I can think of nothing else for this list.

Well, I guess that goes to prove it, I have such a vanilla life that I can't even fill out the whole 100 things about Big Mama, the Mama of all mamas. Can you believe that??? Probably more than you ever cared to know. All I have to say is, I may not be perfect, but I am always me.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yep, that's right lately I have been having a bucketload of brain farts. Some of you may be wondering...but no, they are not painful. It just means that I have written several things to post and when I stop and re-read them they totally suck and what the F*** was I thinking?!?!?!!!!
I was going to post one of those infamous "100 Things You May Not Know About Big Mama" but to be perfectly honest I can't even think of 100 things. That's sad and I'm still working on it. I wrote an entire rant that was rambling and totally incoherent. Of course there are always pics to post, everyone loves pics.... Mine have been really lame lately... So needless to say I am at a loss as to what to write and what to post. Hence I am having brain farts. I have a good idea, I am going to continue to blurk and comment on your blogs but for the time being, I am going to take some time off to regroup.
It's not you, it's me...*heavy sigh*