Thursday, October 14, 2010


Things are slow at work so I decided to stay home. The kids are in Parris Island with the NJROTC. My son really enjoyed ROTC last year and this year he doesn't even want to think about it. We really want him to find his niche' which he is not even looking for *sigh*. BUT I think 2 days at Marine boot camp will be good for him. My daughter was excited to go, this is her first time. I am wondering what she thinks. Her BF is on the trip with her as well as her best friend so I know that is all good.
Last year's trip.
I went last year and it was so much fun. I was looking forward to going this year but 2 of the parents that are going are....well... lets just say... are not my kind of people. I think they are trying to re-live their teen years. They don't shut up and they are always telling the cadets what to do. Um, hey (jerky) people, the upper class-men, you know, the ones with rank are the ones to direct the other cadets, NOT YOU! We as parents are ONLY there for support. We can listen, offer advice or a shoulder to lean on. We are not there to have out heads so far up the butts of the people in charge that we can see out their mouths! We are not there to chit-chat with Lt. Colonel (he is the "teacher" in charge). We are not there to change the program to suit our needs nor are we there for ourselves. UGH! Now you all know why I am not there. I was really looking forward to it too. Oh well. It was better I didn't go than to say something to these 2 morons in front of the children that I would eventually regret.
Please pray and send good karma that my son figures it all out soon. I am getting tired.

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