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Can I just ask what is wrong with the world today?
I have never talked politics here. This is my haven, my place to get away from the real world. I am not liking the world as a whole right now. I am conservative. I am also not your typical "stick me in that pigeon hole" type of conservative either.
I believe in freedom and fiscal responsibility. Spend less than you make and live on less than you earn. Credit cards are evil.
I believe in personal rights and responsibility. Take care of yourself, medically and emotionally, it really matters. I am pro choice (I know that will piss off many) for the simple fact that I don't want someone telling me what I can and can not do with my body. If you don't want an abortion, don't get one. I do not think abortions should be legal after the first trimester. I also don't think they should be used as a form of birth control.
I believe in civil rights wholeheartedly. I believe every one is created equal. Judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the religion they believe in or their sexual orientation. I believe in gay rights and gay marriage. I am tired of my country being so puritanical in thinking that you are not supposed to love one another. I believe that love is blind, you can not choose who you love or why you love them.
Love is a good thing.
But on the flip side of that statement I also believe that immigrants as a whole should NOT get a free ride. I don't get a free ride and I don't want one. I also don't want to pay for someone else free ride. My husband is an immigrant. When he came to this country he had to jump through hoops and we had to pay lots of money for him to even get in line to become a resident. He became a resident, got his work permit and joined the U.S. Army. He was working for our government and had the ability to go to war for our country, the country that he chose and he loves so much before he even had the ability to vote. He became a LEGAL U.S. citizen in 1995 when I was pregnant for our second child. He has never said a bad word about this country and he is the most extreme right wing Republican you could ever met. He too shares my sentiment that illegal means ILLEGAL, that means against the law. When the illegal aliens are here they drain our society of resources. I am not against them being here or working. I am not against immigrants. Just do what my husband did. Get your papers in order and do it LEGALLY.
I am tired of our country apologizing for all the world's ills. We used to be the most powerful nation in the world. Other countries would look at us with a healthy respect. Now we have turned in to a laughable shadow of our former self. I have lived in Europe and I have traveled to many other countries. We are known here in the U.S. as "ugly Americans". The world views us as a nation of excess and arrogance. This makes me sad. My parents and grandparents fought hard to make this nation what it is and it is slipping through our fingers with every apology given. Hey guess what world, we are the most generous nation on the planet and more than half of you out there wouldn't exist without the help of the U.S. All our infighting really shows the world how soft our underbelly really is. Dems, you're wrong and Reps, you're wrong. Stop fighting amongst yourselves, come together and make this nation great, is that so much to ask? Healthcare *sigh* so far all we can agree on is to disagree. There are great ideas floating around out there, really. Just open your eyes and ears and check it out, think outside that box. I like the health care I receive. I don't want to lose it. I understand that we have lots of people uninsured and a lot of people below the poverty line. I get it. Do not throw a wrench in to something that works for so many to take care of the rest. We need to come up with something to preserve the goodness of what works with figuring out how to take care of those in need. I have been hospitalized in 3 other countries and I can guaranty the care was less than stellar. The hospitals were filthy and the wait times were unbearable. I think if you are getting public assistance of any kind you should get drug tested. Makes sense to me. I am tired of seeing these women out here with 5 kids, getting public assistance, driving outrageously expensive cars and buying whatever they want. There is something very broken in this system. Don't tell me this doesn't happen, just stand in line at Wally-Mart and watch them with their vouchers. When that is done being sent through the register they buy their clothes and junk food and whatever else public assistance won't pay for. I'm sorry but if you were really poor and I mean REALLY poor you would be buying clothes at the Goodwill and you wouldn't be eating junk food. Please, you don't know what poor is until you struggle to put food on the table and keep your lights on. I've been there. That's poor! That is also very real.
I believe in trying to make our nation self sufficient. Go green if you will. I believe in solar power, wind power, renewable resources. I also believe in tapping in to our own treasures, as in drilling here and using our own lands and farmers. I believe in import and export. It is very important for the world economy but I also believe in buying American as much as we can. We have an obligation to our own nation and to our own people first and foremost before the rest of the world, not waiting and giving our own people the nasty leftovers. I believe we should all take time out of our world and volunteer, give a little, embrace a charity. Do something for your church or your local food bank. Visit old folk homes. We have adopted the Battered Women's Shelter as our charity of choice. I love the fact that we are helping someone (and their children) who can't help themselves. The men have beat them down and taken their confidence, society has cast them aside as a burden and we can be a light at the end of their tunnel. When you have strong women and mothers you have a strong society. I feel very strongly about taking care of my sisters who need me. Please do something for your fellow man. We are a very giving nation just look around.
I personally am not taking part in the recession, I am debt free except for my mortgage payment. Guess what, I can AFFORD my mortgage payment. I am a grown up with a budget. I made sure I could afford it when I bought this place. (unlike many) We have 4 vehicles, 3 dirt bikes, 1 4wheeler (soon to be another one for the collection) and a trailer. We haven't even owned a credit card for about 7 or 8 years now. We work very hard and pay for everything in cash. That way when the economy craps the bed we don't have to worry. My interest rates don't go up and I don't risk losing my possessions. If I lost my job tomorrow I would have no worries. We will make it. Thanks to no one but ourselves. My parents taught me that if I work hard and lead a clean life I can have anything and everything available to me. So far I have worked for every little thing I have. I am very proud of the fact that we don't go to work to pay others. We are not rich by any stretch the imagination. We are normal middle class people with a game plan. Yes I am one of those people that believes that everyday economics needs to be at least a semester in school. I wish our congress would figure out that you really can not spend your way out of debt and you should only spend within your budget. That's what responsibility means.
Our president, I didn't vote for him. I was brought up to respect the position that he holds. I was told to never ever bad mouth or denounce your president. He and I do not think at all alike. I'm sure he's a nice guy. Seems nice enough to me. Heck, he is apologising to the rest of the world on my behalf. I don't agree with the fact that he believes that everyone that disagrees with him is a racist. Um, hello I married an immigrant and have two biracial children, I am not exactly "well to do" and can honestly say that I do not have a racist bone in my body. The race card does not work here. I live in America. We have freedoms here and freedom of speech is one of them. I just wish for once that my voice could be heard. I guess you could say I am a liberal leaning conservative.
Is that even possible?
I must be an anomaly...


Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Ditto Ditto. You know, it must be a WOrld Wide thing going on right now. Those people wanting free rides or making complaints when they cannot afford repayments of things they got with money that is not theirs..yadda yadda... I hear youn loud and clear.
Growing up, taking responsibility and stepping up to the plate..those are things we understand, but unfortunately, the STUPIDS do not :(
You just cannot help the dumb or the arrogant!
Fo you remember me saying that one morning I took my kids to school and a mum was there dropping her son and she had a T Shirt with the print "Work harder, your taxes are paying for my welfare". Yeah, don't think I was not upset at that.

12:49 PM  
Blogger just a kat said...

An anomaly - you?
Nope. Just a smart lady that I agree with 1 million percent.
Wish we could get the "man" to read this.
WTG D!!!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Sherri said...

You would love my government teacher! :) We talked about alot of that stuff last week. LOLOL

Hope everything is going well for you, I've missed your posts. Lots to catch up on.

11:07 PM  

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