Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What a Hellava week. I went to our very dear friend's retirement ceremony. He retired from the Navy after serving 20 years and he is not even 40 yet! How cool is that??? Not to mention (but of course I will) they have a newborn and a brand new house. That was so fun, I really enjoyed the ceremony and the visit. Check out the pics on my Flickr.
Saturday we chilled.
Sunday I played Bunco with my monthly group.
I started feeling not so good after I left and I thought it was because I was hot and a little tired.
I took last week off (THANKFULLY!) and woke up Monday dizzy and vomiting. That SO sucked.
Tuesday was a little better but not much. I did manage to take the kids to see Space Chimps because I hate breaking a promise. I came home and went back to bed.
Wednesday was by far the best day. I was feeling better so we went out to Tybee Island, played in the water then went to eat at the Crab Shack.
Thursday I woke up late and felt like I was run over by a truck but I promised to take them over and visit one of our friends who has a 2 year old sweet little boy (will post pics later). That just about wore me out!
Friday I was planning to lay low but the friend we went to see on Thursday decided they wanted to come to our house and visit so I had to clean (with help from my kids) the house and thankfully she was about an hour late... The hubby wanted to go out to eat. I went and didn't eat much.
Saturday I was bed bound again, vomiting and feeling generally poor.
Sunday was the same as Saturday. The kids and the hubby took great care of me with chicken broth and a quiet house.
I had to work yesterday, ugh!
Today I am feeling a little better. I think being able to hold down my dinner last night was a huge help.
So I hope everyone has a wonderful today!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

444th Post...

Hey everyone! I am still here, I am still alive. The fam is doing O.K. Sorry for the disappearance but sometimes life hits you head on. I have been having some issues with Littleman and his 14-ness. Things are being resolved slowly but surely. I have not killed him yet so that's a good sign in and of itself.
I just wanted to pop in and say hi.
Tysgirl, I have been thinking a LOT about you lately.
Q I have been thinking a LOT about you too.
I wish I could be there.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey y'all I am going to take a break for a little while, maybe a long while, I don't know yet. I will still blurk (that's blog lurk for those of you who don't know). I will even comment on occasion. I am dealing with some stuff here and I need to focus my attentions on my family.
Please send prayers and good karma my way, I could really use it right about now.

Monday, July 07, 2008


First I want to wish you all a Happy Independence Day!
Hope you all had a wonderful one. Tysgirl, I know your sweetheart is in Japan but at least he is safe and sound, can't ask for better than that! (Well technically you can, you can ask that he be home snuggling up with you...)
I went out Thursday night with my GF. We went to dinner at the Crab Shack then went back to her place, hailed a taxi and went to Savannah Smiles. Around 2:30am we hailed the same taxi to take us back to her place. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a night owl.... We got up around 11:00am. Had breakfast, watched a couple episodes of Weeds (good writers on that show BTW). Took a shower and headed home. I can tell you that I was not long for the world. I went to bed around 8:00. So much for fireworks.
The hubby had an MRI on Saturday because of a shoulder issue and came home with a migraine, ugh! Both kids were sleeping over at other kids houses which is wonderful, but... I ended up watching tv alone and going to bed early. So much for a night without the kids! Sunday was a wash as well. We went to a friend's house to eat. It was good, I was tired and ready to just be home, do laundry and go to bed.
Can I just say I am glad to be here and working (well, almost)...

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today is my Friday!
If you haven't had a chance, please take a look at some of my paintings;
& here...

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am feeling a little better today (yeah 2 days later). I am still having a hard time eating but I'm getting there. As you know the end and beginning of the month in real estate is a busy time for anyone in this business. With the economy the way it is and the housing market the way it is I should be thankful that we are so busy. The only slowing of the market that I have seen personally was back in November. Not so much now. There are a lot of refinances to lower fixed rates. I encourage everyone to do that if you haven't already. But that wasn't what I was going to talk about.... I wanted to say I have not been this sick and still come to work, ever! I had no choice because business is booming. Yes that's a good thing.
Hope everyone is having a humpingly humpty hump day!

*Special thoughts, prayers and good karma going out to my bud today, WUB YA! MWAH!!!*