Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yeah, NOT! I am so not happy about work this week. I feel like I am being pulled in about 25 different directions. I really HATE the end of the month in real estate.
Well folks I will be turning 40 this Friday (mark your calendars). I expect nice big expensive non-gag gifts... Not like these.
I had a great weekend this last weekend. We spent it with some very good friends that I was fortunate to meet when we moved here thanks to my son. He is best friends with their son....AND they live on the next street over. How very cool is that? We had the outdoor grilling thing going on at their place Saturday, went to the beach on Sunday then back to their place for leftovers. Then yesterday I was "supposed" to go to work. I didn't feel like it so I didn't go. I now live 19.4 miles from work and the gas is expensive!!! So I opted to stay home and chill. Not to mention I burned THROUGH 30 sunblock (thanks mom for being a redhead)... So I stayed here with my feet up and aloe on my face... So if anyone wants to send me birthday greetings please feel free.......

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Friday, May 25, 2007

We are now the Official U12 Champions!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I bet you are all thrilled to know that. Yesterday was the first day since last Thursday that I actually felt like Big Mama. I went to a soccer game for Babygirl on Tuesday night. Wasn't feeling it, but they did win 2-1. Tonight is the tournament games. I have no idea what that consists of. I guess I'll find out later. I have to say after all the surgery was over and I was back home, I was really surprised that I was as hungry as a bear. I mean like I hadn't eaten in a month. I am a grazer. I don't eat a whole hellava lot. All you can eat buffets make money on me. One trip and I am done. So needless to say that was surprising. I am better now, feeling and eating like myself. Whew! I was worried that I was going to continue to eat and eat and eat until I looked like Jabba the Hut.
Next Friday June 1st, 2007 I will be 40. The BIG 40!!! I am officially going to be a grown up. When the Hell did THAT happen?!?! Where was I??? I still feel like I am in my 20s. Young, beautiful, awesome, driven, etc. and then I look in the mirror. Oh the horror, I look like my parents! I don't FEEL like I look that old, *sigh* I guess it's time for a face lift....

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and love. Hopefully everything is gonna be back to normal within a couple of days. My parents came up and we had friends come over the eat and chill.
I can not stand to sit in one place very long. I'm not good at it and I don't like it. I didn't have a choice.... Every time I got up someone got up with me. I was rather pukie (is that a word?) and tender yesterday. Today I feel drained. I know that I will be raring to go to work tomorrow. Lucky for me being a secretary I tend to sit a lot. If I feel like it's too much, I'll just come home. The Dr. said she found a little more than she expected and was able to get absolutely everything. YaY!
Babygirl had a soccer game Friday night (I couldn't go of course) They lost 2-1. See what happens when I don't go?!?! They had another game yesterday (of course I couldn't go AGAIN!) they tied 0-0. This was the team they lost to way in the beginning of the season. I think the next game is Tuesday night. Damn if I miss this one I am going to jinx them!
Thanks again everyone for all your sweet thoughts and love!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yep, I get to have my surgery tomorrow. I'm so psyched and can't wait till it's over. You probably won't hear from me this weekend (what else is new). I really have been bad at posting lately. I have just been busy with life.
Since I'm not going to be here, please look in my sidebar and visit some of the people I read almost daily. Give them my love and tell them that I sent you.
Oh and while you're at it I added a couple more pics to my Flickr account...


Sunday, May 13, 2007

I want to wish all my sisters out there a very warm, comfortable, sweet, freeing, wonderful Mother's Day. Even if you are a guy, I wish you all good thoughts too. You all have mothers, some of you have wives, some of you may even have sisters so if you don't need these well wishes, please give them to the woman in your world that means the world to you.
I stayed out last night at my very best GF's apartment. We went out to City Market for dinner at Tapas. It was superior as usual. We went back to her place around 10:00 and watched the 40 Year Old Virgin. It was better than I anticipated. It is always nice to stay with her. She is a couple of months younger than me and every time I stay with her I realize how wonderful it is to be loved by my husband and children. She is still searching for herself and has been for years. She is the chick that is certain that the grass is always greener. But I found out a long LONG time ago that it's all in the angle that you are looking at the grass.
Hope you all have a wonderful day and remember that every single day is more special than the last.
I love you mom.

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Monday, May 07, 2007


This whole post is going to be full of unchained thoughts, get your drink of choice, have a seat and bear with me....

I can't believe I actually did one of those MeMe thingys and Tysgirl was the only person that cared.

Babygirl had a soccer game on Saturday and they won 5-0 awesome!
She so totally RULES!
When did I become the dreaded soccer mom? I refuse to be like THEM!
My surgery is coming up next Friday, YaY!!!
My parents are coming up to help take care of me after the surgery.
I got a raise and my job is still overwhelming and redundant.
My Birthday is in less than and month and I am going to be the BIG 40! I'm psyched!
Am I the only person on earth that has ever said that about their 40th???
Babygirl wants a boyfriend like all the other girls but she knows that she is too young and told me the boys are just gonna have to wait for the best. She's right.
I am getting burned out on life right now. I want the world to stop spinning and let me take a break. If only for a few minutes.
I need to take about 1/2 a day and revamp my other blog.
Come see my pics, they are cool.
Pretty sad when my life consists of work, kids sports and sleeping. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Hope y'all are feeling much better about life than I am today.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tysgirl tagged me to do a Meme that was written by Hammer.

1. What is the stupidest mistake you have ever made with money?Declaring Bankruptcy.

2. Do you think taxes are unfair or do you think it’s your civic duty? I thought that this country was founded because people were sick of being taxed to death. I don't mind paying mine but I just got a 40% tax increase on my property tax?!??! For what!
3. Did you take risks and possibly turn your life upside down for new opportunity? Yep, sure did. I left a lucrative career and moved to Canada to be with my immigrant boyfriend. I had no job and loved every second of it. We are now married and living in the U.S. Totally worth all of it.
4. Are you the alpha in your household? (pets included) Ummm... DUH! I AM Big Mama after all...
5. Do you compromise with your significant other or does someone always get their way? We both compromise on the stuff that matters of course. I get my way on the stuff that matters to me and he gets his way on the stuff that matters to him.
6. What curse word do you use most often? I can swear like a state trooper in trouble! I try not to but sometimes I have to bust out a few. I think I will reserve those for the ones I love. (Does idiot and moron fall in to this category at all?)
7. Do you easily change your mind or are you dead set on most issues? I am pretty set but I am open minded and will listen to opposition. If someone has an intelligent view and can explain their position without flaw I could possibly change my view. Not likely though.
8. What famous person would you like to trade places with for one week? It certainly wouldn't be Brittany Spears.... I think I would have to say Helen Gurley Brown.
9. If you could go back in time and tell one person off, who would it be and what would you say? I think I would like to face off with the moron that coordinated to 9/11 attacks and tell that bastard to back off....

10. Were you a good student or did you do just enough to get by? I had a BLAST in school. I had so much fun and all sorts of friends. Academia was NOT my strong suit, I wish it was.
11. If you could give one piece of advise to someone just starting out on their own, what would you tell them? Savings are a wonderful thing. Possessions don't make you happy and everything is replaceable.
12. Are people basically good and honest or are most people opportunistic and predatory?I still have hope that people are all born good and their surroundings ruin them. I could be wrong, but I hope not.
13. Is there someone you wish you could go back and apologize to? No, I am at peace with everything I have done. I can't sleep if I know I have hurt someone. I make it right as soon as humanly possible.
I guess I’m supposed to tag 5 people to do this Meme, but I am not a tagger. If you love doing MeMes, please consider yourself tagged and let me know in my comments so I can come read yours.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My sweet little Babygirl had middle school orientation last night. I guess that means she really IS going to grow up. I so enjoy her. I hope she and I always stay close. I fear that when she is a teen she is not going to want to spend any time with me. I guess if that ever happens I will be glad that she is spreading her wings and not NEEDING me. I know she will always love me though.
On another note Littleman want on a dolphin tour field trip yesterday. They had a blast. We had a checkup not that long ago and he grew 3 inches and 8 1/2 pounds since Christmas!!! We are almost eye to eye...
Why oh why do they insist on growing so quickly?!?!?!

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