Friday, August 29, 2008

Littleman isn't so little any more...
If you didn't already know, he's #59...

"Geez Mama do you always have to take pictures???"

I love you Mr. Handsome, good job! I am so very proud of you.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Give it up for the middle school Varsity football team!
Two toots for you Littleman! Toot Toot!!!
Will add pics tomorrow (I promise).

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They POSTPONED the very first game!!!!
WTF is that?!?!?!
So, the first game will be tonight instead.
Can you believe they would do that when I am so very excited?!?! Wish him luck and I will post pics when my computer at home comes back online.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My son has his very first football game tomorrow. I am so excited. He has never joined any sport, his whole 14 years on this earth. I can't wait to see him play. When I was growing up my brothers both played football for the Daily Mixers (they are a local cement/gravel company). My father watched football religiously, well, he still does. None of my nephews played football and my son is the youngest boy of the bunch so when dad found out that we FINALLY have a footballer in the family he was so stoked! I have to admit that I have always liked football. I understand the game, I know how it's played and I enjoy watching it from the stands. So when he decided he wanted to try it out and see how it's played I was so excited. So tomorrow I can watch my heart running around the football field. Hopefully I will have some good pics to share.

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Monday, August 25, 2008


I swear I can't believe it's Monday already. I took Friday off and stayed home out of the rain. Best decision I have made in a long time. They didn't really need me here at work and even the ducks were unhappy at the amount of rain we were getting. I am so glad we got the rain, we really needed it. I don't mind having it rain steady and nicely. It was just NASTY on Friday thanks to Fay...
I was able to finish up all the laundry and clean a bit. It felt so good to not have anything left to do around the house. Saturday we went to a fund raiser to raise money for a friend of the family who is 14 and was diagnosed with Leukemia. If you head over to my Flickr you can see pics of my son getting his head shaved for the cause. He was the first one in the chair. My husband did it too. Which I don't need to tell you was completely unnecessary since he is already bald. But of course it was $10.00 to the cause. No! There was no way in Hell I was shaving my head, um, nope! They had a blood drive and I tried to donate but they wouldn't take it because I lived in Europe in 1996. WTF! The Red Cross takes my blood every chance they can get. They are blood suckers!!! Whatever! At least I tried.
Sunday I went with my GF to see the Pineapple Express. Um yeah, it's a stoner movie and I love stoner humor but DAMN this was violent!!! We went to the 2:00 because it was cheaper. That was about it. Hope your weekends were eventful and fun.

Oh and I also wanted to thank all of you who supported me when I was feeling down last week.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today has been filled with both.
I write this post today with a heavy heart. My last remaining grandparent died at approx 10:30 this morning. Grammie Esther was 81 years old. I have a lot of guilt because I had not seen her in 20+ years. She was such a nice woman. She was always so very strong and loved watching baseball. I remember going to their house on holidays and how there was always such a really big spread with lots and lots more food than anyone could ever eat. My grandfather (her husband) passed when I was living in Italy. I always thought that was kind of ironic because he was from and Italian immigrant family. She fell last week while my parents were here and we were keeping tabs on her. Two of my aunts live near her (in Vermont) and my uncle lives a days drive away (in Pennsylvania). My mom boarded a plane on Tuesday and headed home to be with the family. My g-ma had been living with severe Parkinson's Disease for a very long time, 25 years or so. When she fell she hit her head on the bathtub and sliced her ear off. She was living in an assisted living facility. They took her to the hospital and realized her meds were all messed up and not working. She was so tired, she was ready to go. My mom, aunts and uncle took 12 hour shifts to be there with her. My aunt M1 would curl up in her bed and comfort her, that thought makes me happy. She has been in and out of it for the last week or so. When my mom got there she opened her eyes and smiled at her. They gave her her last rights 2 days ago. They were all there together for the first time this morning and when they were she passed. I think she was waiting till they were all surrounding her. That is such a comforting thought. She helped them all with their journeys in this world and they helped her transition out of this one.
She's at peace.
On another note, the wind and rain here has been tremendous. We really needed the water and I am happy to have it. I just don't like to drive in it.
So please keep our family (especially my mother) in your thoughts tonight.
*R.I.P. Grammie Esther you will be missed.*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, it is perfect duck weather. Looks like bad rains across southern Florida are winding their way around and back up toward us. I love the rain and we really REALLY need it. I bet my dog is out running around my back property having a ball!
O.K. I have a friend who is such a trip. She is divorced. Her new man is in jail and she sees him and stays in contact with him faithfully. He's a sweet misguided soul. She is also dating others while he is in (for obvious reasons). Well, she has a guy who she is not intimate with, sleeping on her couch. The guy is a tool. She can't seem to make him go away. She works all day and he is there relaxing, watching tv or playing on the computer. Then when she gets home just wanting to chill he is all talkative and ready to engage her in all his manic thoughts. He's homeless and has no place to go. I told her that is HIS issue and not HERS. She just can't seem to bring herself to make him go. He won't get a job, er he says he can't find one. Yeah because he's not looking for one. He acts all privileged and that his poop doesn't stink. He even goes out and plays tennis at the local park when he gets bored. Why SHOULD he leave?!?! If I had it that good I wouldn't leave either!
Did I mention how much of a tool he is?!?!
I am supposed to be staying over this Friday, but I told her he has to find other accommodations while I'm there. We'll see...
Am I wrong for not wanting to be around this loser? Am I wrong for making her choose? I know she's lonely, but damn! No one is ever THAT lonely.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, the rents went home on Friday and I have the house back. Of course now we are forced to paint our dining room. That's O.K. it needed to be done anyway. I just got word that our firm just bought an office building across town. That means we will be moving offices pretty soon. We moved to this office a couple of years ago. But that move was just from downstairs to upstairs. That was a pain because we did it ourselves. This time I told my boss that I will not be moving furniture or any files or anything. I will set up my new desk, but that's that! The only thing I asked of my boss is to make sure they put the woman I can't stand FAR away from me. If she is anywhere near my breathing space, I quit.
I know that sounds like a drama queen, but if you knew her you would understand.
I have been perusing blogs this weekend but it looks like almost everyone was out and about. Not very many updates out there. Look at me, I'm one to talk!
My friend's son shaved his head this weekend because a friend of his was diagnosed with Leukemia and has since lost all his hair. This makes me very sad. Why does this have to happen to kids/people? My uncle died of it when he was 18. Please take a minute and give a good thought to this kid, he's only 14.

Wow, I am a bummer this morning, aren't I??? Maybe I'll come back here when my mood isn't so sour...

Friday, August 15, 2008


He made Varsity!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have had a Hellava week.
My folks are still here which is a good thing. Littleman tried out for the football team and MADE IT!!! YaY!!! He wanted this so bad he could taste it!
Babygirl tried out for volleyball and didn't make it, but she's totally good with it, soccer is her sport. She was just trying this as something new. She'll try out whatever the next sport is too... My parents and I were going to go celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary this evening at Lady & Sons restaurant, you know the Paula Dean place... Mom has been wanting to go there for a loooong time. Well at the last minute we found out that all footballer's parents have to be in the gym for a meeting @ 7:00 tonight. YaY! So I called my folks and let them know they are on their own tonight.
So please send good thoughts this way so my son stays in one piece...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday!

My parents got here Friday night. They are so sweet, but can I just say that I am so happy to be here at work today???
The rents are going to be here until this coming Friday. Can you say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! No, really they are great people and I adore them. I do have to say that I am terribly set in my ways and they kind of get in my way sometimes. Just a little bit though...
We went out driving around and ended up eating lunch at Hooters, that's right my fam and the rents, LOL!!! My mom had never been there and had no idea what to expect. She was so funny,"look at that little girl, her makeup is flawless..." Then my dad countered with,"what makeup?" LOL!!! Gotta love em!
My son has football tryouts this afternoon. He knows nothing about football at all. He can throw it really well but that's about it. Good luck to him.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The first day went really well for the kids. This is the first time they both had a great first day....ever! I hope this lasts. Babygirl who is generally shy and quiet said that she is on a very quiet/smart team. I said that was good, she can get a lot of work done in class. She said it's not that great because she can't ever be loud again...
What is that supposed to mean?
That means that she talks only when the others talk and if they are not talking she can't talk. LOL!!! Glad to see she is starting to be outgoing, LOL!!!
Littleman said that he has a great group of teachers and has some of his friends in some of his classes. That's a switch, he never has his friends in class. He seems so positive about this, I am pleasantly surprised (so far).
Wish them luck and keep them in your thoughts and prayers, thanks!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My kids are sitting in their first period class right now as I am typing this.
I'm a little sad. Since they were little tiny people I have driven them to school the very first day but this year they are so grown they didn't want me to drive them in. Well, should I say my son didn't want me to drive them in and my daughter didn't care.
I know that in these years to come I will not be their superhero mom, I will be less than important and I have to come to terms with it.
I'm just not ready today.
Hope everyone has a good Humpday...

Monday, August 04, 2008


We all went to the school open house yesterday. Yep, open house on a Sunday. That was strange. The schedules look good except my daughter who is the most gentle sweet person on this earth has the same Language Arts teacher from last year. This woman can't stand her for whatever reason. *heavy sigh* I am ready to have her switch (only if I have to). Of course I hate to be that mother! Babygirl said that this teacher has no classroom control and is completely haggard which she takes out on the kids, ugh! The rest of her teachers are like the dream team of teachers that every parent wishes for their child and if we switch this one teacher, we have to switch them all. Which of course we don't want to do. So she is going to suck it up and try to deal with her and hope for the best. Poor kid. I told her to go in with a great attitude and win her over with her personality.
Littleman has a fairly good group of teachers, I am pleased thus far, give me some time though. He is trying out for football next week. We shall see... Hope everyone has a great Monday, mine has started out with a bang!!!

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Friday, August 01, 2008


It's Friday and I am feeling a lot better. I am not back to my old self yet, but I am holding down my food. That counts!!! (at this point you have no idea how much that counts...)
Took Littleman to the Dr. yesterday and he is 5'8" & 3/4. and weighs 122 lbs. OMG! When did he grow? That's it, I'm going to put a brick on his head!
They start school next Wednesday and all the BS that goes with it *heavy sigh*. Babygirl has declared that this year there will be no drama, lets see how long that lasts. Littleman has declared that he is going to try to be really involved in school activities and sports this year, good luck to him. For that matter good luck to both of them.
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!

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