Saturday, December 31, 2005


I can only hope for all of you, that you have as blessed a life as I.


This is the infamous sister-in-law-tattoo in front of the Christmas tree picture!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005


Thursday, December 29, 2005

I have to admit this year was NOT my best year. Wasn't the very worst by any stretch of the imagination.
January: Nothing great, just cold weather and work.
February: Our 13th wedding anniversary.
March: Yet again nothing great but the weather warmed up a bit
April: Was brought to our attention that Little Man might not get promoted to the 6th grade (thanks for telling us NOW!!!)
May: School let out for the summer and they both passed, YAY!
June: Went to Panama and left the kids there.
July: Came back to the states and flew through hurricane Dennis, missed my 20th high school reunion and returned to work only to face the second biggest disaster known to man.
August: Contacted my old flame from high school and realized we are still friends.
September: Everyone's birthdays so it makes it very poor (financially) for us.
October-December: Are all written down in nauseating detail on my blog.
I feel awful for all the people who experienced loss this year. There was a LOT of it. Between hurricanes and floods, Tsunami's and wildfires. Looks like God is pissed and he is sick of everyone disrespecting their fellow man. I can only hope that people start to take the time out of their hurried lives and look around. People as a whole are not so bad. Sure there are those that make us all want to bitch-slap them (I suggest that you don't unless you absolutely HAVE to....). But the majority are just trying to get along, just like me. So next time you see an old person in the parking lot at Wal-Mart trying to unload their cart, think about offering them a hand. It could just be the only nice thing that happened to them all month. Not to mention it may just help restore their faith in humanity. I am not saying I am some sort of do-gooder (because I am so not). I just want everyone to think about how they like to be treated and maybe....just maybe people will start realizing that you don't have to be afraid of your neighbors and you CAN think outside the box once in a while.
Sorry I am laying all this heavy stuff on you, I just had to get it off my chest. I just want this new year to be a brand spanking New Year. (I said spanking *heehee*)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I hope everyone had a good one...

Monday, December 26, 2005


Chomba & Baby Girl


Little Man cleaning up his nasty footprints.

Well today is the day after Christmas. The kids are happy with their gifts (I was worried). The hubby liked his new clothes and watch. I have to tell you this year is the first year that I actually got something I wanted for Christmas and I didn't even have to buy it for myself!!! It was so cool! I got a pair of diamond studs (1/2 carat) and a digital camera. So watch out there fellow bloggers!!! You are gonna get way more of me than ever before! I haven't taken very many yet, but it has only been one day. Give me time.
I miss all my blog-mates. Seems like everyone took off for the holidays. I am just glad I didn't have to travel. Did that LAST weekend. My mother has called every day for the past four (count them 4) days whining about us not being together for the 25th. My GOD woman we were together for the whole weekend LAST weekend. Not to mention I got her a very expensive gift that made her cry (go me!!!). She has to know that the kids need to stay here to welcome Santa. If they don't he won't bring gifts! Makes sense to me and I don't have to travel on my very little bit of time off. Next year shopping is gonna be a hard one. Last year they got an X-Box, motorcycles and scooters. This year the Gamecube and stereos and walkmans/MP3 players. I really have a hard time trying to imagine what Santa is gonna come up with next year to top that. Wish me luck and I am taking suggestions all year long....
Oh yeah, we had "low country boil" for Christmas dinner. That sure does top the old tradition of dry turkey!!! Looks like we have started a new tradition. Not to mention we had biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Looks like we are officially in the south now!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005



By the looks of it I am off to have a very Merry Christmas of my own.

I promise I will update December 26th. Hope you all have a warm wonderful love filled Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I mean really... I have spent the last two evenings at the local mall... Yeah right where I want to be this season! NOT! The kids will each have 7 things under the tree. That is the lamest thing ever! I actually have money this year and no idea what to get them. The countdown is on and I am such a lame mom! Too much work, too little sleep and tomorrow I am working on my day off!!! Go figure. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. I am going shopping after work tomorrow, but the kids will be with me. A LOT OF FRIGGIN GOOD THAT DOES!!!

I feel like I should wear a crash helmet at the mall so people will move out of my way...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thanks Cher, you are the first person to ever ever ever tag me. I'm not too sure how all this is supposed to work, but here goes;
1) I can't eat peanuts, they won't kill me but I will end up in the ER.
2) I love potato chips dipped in cottage cheese. For that matter I just LOVE potato chips.
3) I secretly wish my parents and brothers lived far enough away so I never had to deal with them in a social setting. When we lived in Texas it was wonderful. No pressure, ever.
4) I have (for years) a crush on my husband's friend. He's the kind of guy that is well read, is hot and doesn't even know it.
5) I drink at least 3 bottles of water (love my water) before bed and then get irritated when I have to get up to pee at 3:00am, LOL!!!
Well, aren't you all lucky to get to know just a tiny bit more about me... NOT! I think I am supposed to tag someone but just not too sure who... Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The 10 (what I feel are) good reasons that I love my cats;
1) Whenever the kids or I cry they come running
2) I never have to take a shower alone anymore
3) They are warm
4) They are both affectionate
5) They never go outside so they don't have fleas
6) Whenever the kids are punished the cats love on them to cheer them up
7) They are very playful and love those little fake mice
8) Here in the south they make sure the house is insect free (and yes they do eat bugs, LOL)
9) They are very cheap to maintain
10) You don't have to walk them
I feel like cats are like little women in fur coats. They are not sneaky, they just don't care.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Ok, they aren't the greatest pics but there will be more (and better ones) soon.
This is Chomba Luna

This is Mina

Those really ARE blue eyes...

Both of these girls are sweet and good. I love them as much as my own kids.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Here I sit listening to my daughter trying to make sense of her geography homework. I feel helpless with all that stuff. LM had a good day at school today (so he says). With him you never really know for sure. He has his first "middle school" solo with his sax tomorrow night. He loves being on stage. Maybe he will be the front man in some greatly popular band one day. Yeah, we can hope. He can buy me all sorts of stuff that I have never had..... Yeah, they say if you are gonna dream, dream BIG!
Well something has been bugging me all day and I just have to put it out here to get it off my chest. I have been reading about "Tookie" Williams (that guy on death row). He is seeking a stay of execution and has tons of supporters. I feel really sad for the families of the people he murdered. I don't believe his life should be spared. Then I feel a little guilty for the simple fact that he has a mom and family who loves him too. If they did spare him (which I hope they don't) I can only hope that he he gets put in the GP. I hope that he feels the same terror that his victims felt just moments before they died. I want him to feel that (X4). I also don't want people to get the wrong idea here. I don't want to just kill anyone. Personally I wouldn't hurt a fly (well except that chick we call cockroach in my office) and the majority of time I don't believe killing anyone will solve anything. This guy is about as mean as they come. If he were out tomorrow he would be as evil now as he was then. Probably more so because I'm sure he has learned a LOT in prison. He has no remorse at all. People like that are everywhere and are VERY scarey. Why can't we all just get along?!?! There, that ends my political statement of the decade. Don't expect any more controversy over here!

Well, I'm back. I had a loooonnnngggaaassss weekend. Friday night I went to my hubbys Christmas party. Ummm... Could it be any more boring??? I think not!

Saturday as we all know LM had to start those three projects. He got home from his friend's house about 3:00. I helped him get organized. All he had left to do was get it organized and put it in good handwriting. I left for GF's house. When I came home on Sunday my hubby had just finished giving my son a few licks with the belt. WTF! brought that on??? Hubby said that he was supposed to be working on one of his projects....he gave him an hour... then when he went to check on him he only had 3 words written on the paper. So I guess in the hubbys eyes that is reason for a beating, hmmm.... We did (with my help) get all the projects in order. Poor little guy had a really hard time sitting down after that.

GF and I went out to Jazzd. It was great food and we ate WAY too much. She of course had expensive drinks, ate more as usual and the bill (split in 1/2 as usual) was $100.00 for the two of us... ugh! She wanted to go out and walk the river. It was cold but I agreed. We finally got back to her place, watched most of a movie and I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I think I am getting old, it wasn't even 2:00am yet!!! She cooked breakfast (for once) which was cool, she usually wants to go to Waffle House. Then I went shopping all by myself. I was lonely.

Today is one of those days where you just want to crawl back in bed. It is cold outside and all my work here is done. All I need to do is clean up little odds and ends that mean nothing. I will probably leave early. Yeah, then I can get my holiday shopping finished. What a great idea...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yep, I have been "lurking around" looking at other people's blogs and failing to really update my own. Is that some voyeristic tendancy that I have? We may never know...
Had a meeting Wednesday with Little Man's psychologist. He has been testing those waters as we all know. Had a good session. Hope he gets his shit together. Thursday we had a meeting with all his teachers, ugh! They all stated that he has been a handful since Thanksgiving. YAY! We found out at this meeting that he failed to turn in some projects that he had months to finish... We decided to give him a clean slate and start fresh (as in no grounding, just working harder). "LM" had a field trip yesterday to St. Augustine, FL. He then stayed over night at a friend's house. He was told NOT to go to his friend's soccer game today because he has 3 (count them three) projects due Monday. His teachers were nice enough to extend his project due dates. He makes me want to choke him. Right now my hubby has taken my daughter ice skating and I am waiting for my son to come home so we can get to work on his projects... This should be fun, NOT!!!!!!!!!
Thursday we also had my daughters concert at school. She played the recorder and the xylophone and sang. It was great. She is way more talented than I have ever given her credit for. She is so cool. We got home about 9:15 and she freaked out because she still had a little math homework left. She insisted that sleep could wait but the math couldn't. She and my son are night and day.
Oh, I am going to my GF's house tonight and we are gonna go out. Hopefully I get to pick the place. We shall see. Then I am gonna stay the night. It is so much easier to stay there than to drive all the way home. Considering they changed the blood alcohol rate here to 0.02 I see no reason to drive home. Hey I have way too much to lose.

Friday, December 09, 2005


It took me all this time to figure out how to add people to my link list. Kinda sad isn't it, LOL!!! I have a list a mile long of the good ones that I frequent so there are many more to be added soon. Of course I am shamming right now at work so I really shouldn't be doing this.... Oh, like who cares as long as I get my work done, right???

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's a party!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

(actually I tried posting this before but sexy 1/2 naked men seemed more important)
Remember my trashy sister inlaw that is married to my oldest brother that is pushing 40 and came to Thanksgiving sporting a brand new tattoo with a open-backed shirt??? Well, here it is in it's full glory...

I just wanted to get y'alls opinion on this. I think it is pretty in it's own sorta trashy way...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

For Thanksgiving as we all know my family got together to show the love. Here are a few pics. (Very few considering I don't have a digital yet..X-mas is coming) I have to rely on others for my holiday pics. These are the ones I have so far.
This is my family, the hubby, myself and the kids. I need a cheek reduction.

These are my big brothers. My oldest brother is the hairy one he is 43 and my other (I call him my little brother) brother is 40. Then there is me, I am the baby of my family and I am 38.

Here are Pops and the middle bro chillin by the pool.

Here is the Moms doing dishes, notice ??? taking the pic didn't put the camera down to help. I have no idea who took this..

My son and the spawn fishing...

I wish I had more pics, but like I said, I rely on others until I get a digital of my own.

I have had a crush on him for years.

Who doesn't love Marky Mark???

Tyson Beckford anyone?

Taye Diggs??? (now I know how Stella got her groove back...)

Loved Mel when he was young...

Yeah, I get the "sexiest man alive" thing...

There are SO MANY more but obviously I could NEVER put them all in here. These are just a very few of the men who fuel my fantasies.

I think I want to stay in bed and sleep all day. It is raining and cold outside and I just don't want to face the world today.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well I got home from work yesterday and proceeded to paddle the Little Man with the wooden paddle. It made me feel like crap but I felt that I was left with little choice. We talked about everything. I stressed the importance of going to school and (per Cher's advice) reminded him that school is such a small part of his world. I stressed that I would be making more money had I paid more attention in school. That I could be the attorney instead of working for them. I then hugged and cried with him. When his father came home I made him tell his father. He freaked out (as I anticipated) but we still didn't tell him about the porn incident. I also went to the local YMCA and enrolled him in the aftercare program to keep him out of trouble. I took my daughter with me so I wouldn't have to go alone. I asked her if I were doing the right thing and she informed me that it was the best thing I could do for him. I asked her if she were 11 wouldn't she want to have the freedom of 1 1/2 hours alone without parents and she said,"are you crazy? Being alone for a kid is really scarey. I would totally hate that." So out of the mouth of my babe came the wisdom that I needed to hear. Little Man doesn't like being alone but didn't know how to tell us to take care of it. After I got back I talked with him again and he confirmed that his sister was right.
I swear pretty soon I will get the hang of this mama thing... Thank you all my friends out there for the support you freely bestow upon me. Sometimes I need either a slap back to reality or reaffirmation that what I am doing is the right thing. Either way I win...

Friday, December 02, 2005


Well I just got a call from Little Man's band teacher (I said band teacher let that sink in for a minute). He skipped class because it was,"beneath" him. So he decided to go to gym instead. I am so gonna kill him when I get home. He is a bratty little BRAT! First the porn, then the infamous bus incident, now this. I am gonna take him out behind the woodshed tonight.
If anyone out there has some good advice before I kill him, I would really appreciate it!