Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can I just say...OH-EM-GEE!!!!
Now as we all know this Saturday is Tysgirl's birthday so what does she do??? SHE SENT ME A GIFT!!! WTF? I am so glad she did, it totally rocks!
So, I hear a knock at the door, hmmm... who could it be I wonder?

I answered the door and it was the UPS guy.
(I didn't take his picture that would have been awkward!)
Wow, now what is this???
A package FOR ME??? Oh I have to get something to open it with...

I opened it verrry carefully....

Inside, there was a very sweet handwritten note...

....and do you want to know what she sent to me???

Yes folks, she sent me a new lens for my camera!!!

Doesn't it just bring a tear to your eye?

It's beautiful!

This calls for a brand new camera bag!!!

(I know what I'm getting this weekend!)

OHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!! That's not all!

She also sent me "chocolate covered orgasm" in a box.

Well, I have heard them described as thus. Check this out!

Can I just tell you.....


This so totally rocks and I so wasn't expecting it. I plan on having a great time getting to know my camera again this coming weekend. Be prepared for some fun photos soon!

All thanks to my bud Tysgirl! SHE ROCKS!

(Oh and her hubby rocks too!)

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Let me just start this with I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME. I had a blast! I have tons of pictures to post but my computer at home is giving me fits!!! Give me time and when I get rid of the viruses that are in there I will be able to really get this thing rolling.
We went to Universal Studios the day before Thanksgiving. Let me tell you that the Hard Rock Hotel has the BEST Thanksgiving dinner ON EARTH! The park was full but not crowded. My kids were perfect little people the whole trip and I was having a great time. I will fill you in more when I am not at work. Please go check out my Flickr to see a couple of pics....
More later!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I tried so very hard to post last night. A virus has invaded my computer at home and I am not a happy camper
I was all set to tell you how very awesome and wonderful my Babygirl is (Ohhh like I have to tell you again!) I think you can all tell how much I adore her just by listening to me rambling on and on and on and on..... I can't help it, she is my sunshine girl. She just brings a certain levity to a room when she enters. I do have a couple of pics that I e-mailed to myself so I could post them here...
But of course in typical Blogger fashion I am unable to post them.
Looks like I am batting 1000 over here!
If I am not up and running by tomorrow, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! My family and T-mom's family are renting a 15 passenger van together, we rented a condo in Florida, we have Thanksgiving dinner tickets to the Hard Rock Cafe and are spending the rest of the week at Universal Studios! I will be taking tons of pics which of course I will share when I get back.
Hope all is well with everyone and your holidays are all without issues!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to post on 11/18/2007, her REAL 12th birthday. I am at work now and don't have to time to give her a post that she so truly deserves.....
I love you Baby!
*More later...*

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

*caution major rambling rant ahead*
Have you ever thought about what makes people tick? I mean have you ever thought about what makes people do the things they do? I don't watch television. I know that sounds really strange in our society. I like it, but I just can't sit still very long. I can't sit through a movie or even a one hour program. I like the Discovery Health station. I like Comedy Central and the Food Network. I just can't stand to really sit and stay engaged to it. I have to keep my hands busy. A lot of times I will have the tele on while I'm cleaning so I can hear it. I am not a big music buff either. I love music, but I can't be bothered to learn who is singing and when it was released or any of that mess. I can't even tell you who sings the songs that I like (or even the names of the songs for that matter). I feel so lame and I often wonder what made me this way. I love reading and researching (for my job). I like to crochet and to paint. I love to take pictures. I guess I love the more gentle side of life.
My parents were here this weekend & I think I figured out part of what makes me the way that I am.
Now you all know that I ADORE my parents. They are the sweetest loving-est people that anyone could ever ask for. I swear I won the parental lottery with them.
Well.... with that said.... They have the tele on from the time they wake up (if they are in the room or not) till the time they go to sleep. They always have, my whole life. Oh and it is LOUD! Mom is hard of hearing and you better not talk over what she is trying to hear...
I realized that I always hated taking a back seat to things that were so unimportant.
I have always been outgoing, I am very friendly and I like people for the most part. When I was a child a spent a lot of time alone and I actually liked it. I still do. My parents never understood that I never needed people to define me. I like me just the way I am. When I was a teen I was lucky in the fact that I had two older brothers. One ran with a rough crowd and was very respected in those circles, therefor they weren't anything but sweet to me (they HAD to be). My other brother was VERY popular. He played sports and was in the theater in school. That made being in the grade just below his a breeze! The teachers loved him and so did everyone else. Everyone was always so nice to me. I enjoyed being known for whatever the reason. I always seemed to find the odd ducks that never seemed to fit in. I always tried to include everyone in my "circle of friends".
I shamefully remember in the middle school I was dared to say something mean to a girl once. I vowed after seeing the look in her eyes that I would never cause anyone that kind of pain ever again. So from that day forward I kept that promise. My parents never understood why I befriended everyone. I didn't hang out with everyone but I did treat everyone with the same amount of respect that I always wanted. Now I tell my kids that not standing up for someone is almost like they were the ones being mean to that person. All you have to do is tell the bullies,"that's enough for one day, give them a break..." You never know, it may be the nicest thing that has happened to that person in a very long time. What if that person made a promise to themselves that after school they were going to commit suicide if anyone picks on them one..more..time. But you were able to stop and make a difference in that person's life, even if it is only for a minute. If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
I always believed that I could be that person to make a difference, even if only for a minute. That child in me is still there and I like her. My parents could never understand that. Wasn't being popular and good looking enough? Wasn't dating the captain of the football team enough? You are living every teens dream, isn't THAT enough?
I always wondered, is it ever enough?
Are these what make me tick?
*rant over*

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Here is the Grim Reaper (that was) hanging in front...

Here is Littleman as the Devil....

I know you have seen her, but here is Babygirl again...

Littleman's carving job, you may not be able to see, but it has a "unibrow"...

Here is Babygirl's happy pumpkin...
I took this one just for Ty, notice she is sticking her tongue out at you...
Oh, that wasn't nice, was it?
Sorry *heehee*
She does miss you guys.
Oh and the Uniquorn said she wants pics of the ferris wheel, the pony and the cotton candy before we strike up any deals....

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Thursday, November 01, 2007


I might have posted sooner but I was having Tysgirl withdrawl....
Can you blame me?

Trick or treating was fun. I have some pics of Babygirl, but none of Littleman (just yet).

Could she look any more mortified?

Yep, I think she can...

I have more, but I'm pooped and after a late night last night I am off to bed. Maybe I'll post Littleman and the pumpkins tomorrow. I know you are thinking to yourselves,"Oh joy!"...

Shut up, this is my blog and I can bore you if I want *heehee*!!!

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